European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker will travel to Washington on Wednesday, the 25th of July, to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House, the Commission indicated on Tuesday in a brief press release.
The EU Council President, Donald Tusk, appealed to China Monday in Beijing, and also to the US and Russia, to “avoid chaos,’’ just as Donald Trump’s America has entered into a power struggle with his major trading partners.
UNRWA, UN’s agency for the Palestinian refugees, has had some success but has not quite covered its deficit after an acute economic crisis due the President Trump’s withdrawal of funding to the agency according to its director in Gaza who visited Brussels last week. At the same time tension escalated…
On Sunday, British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed American President Donald Trump had a surprising suggestion on how to handle Brexit: “sue the EU”. 
American President Donald Trump threatened Thursday to leave NATO should the Allies make no immediate effort to increase their defense expenditure, according to diplomatic sources following discussions during the Atlantic Summit’s second session, quoted by the German press agency DPA.
Belgium’s member of the EU Commission, Marianne Thyssen, is to step out of politics in 2019, when her term in office ends, she announced on VRT radio.
The European police service, Europol, will launch on Thursday a campaign to disseminate the photos of the 25 most wanted criminals in Europe.
The European Commission on Wednesday adopted a decision to activate an enhanced surveillance framework for Greece to support the application of reforms in the country after it emerges from over eight years of European financial trusteeship.
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said on arriving at Wednesday’s summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) that the meeting would be of “crucial importance” for maintaining “unity and solidarity” in the Alliance.
Two national parks in Bulgaria are threatened by construction plans according to a letter sent last week to the European Commission by representatives of all major political groups in the European Parliament. The MEPs call on the Commission to launch an infringement procedure against Bulgaria as a matter of urgency.