Israeli journalist Gideon Levy visited Brussels this week and talked about the two main options for a solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The two-state solution, with a Palestinian state alongside Israel, is supported by EU and is considered as the only fair solution to both sides.
The EU has helped rescue nearly 730,000 immigrants during rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea since 2015.
Prime Minister Charles Michel “deeply regretted" British Parliament’s new vote of rejection on the Brexit withdrawal agreement on Friday.
A group of British parliamentarians who recently quit the Labour and Conservative parties applied on Friday for recognition as a political party under the name of Change UK- The Independent Group.
Following US president Trump’s proclamation last Monday when he officially recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini issued yesterday a declaration on behalf of the EU, denouncing the recognition.
The European Parliament is in favour of scrapping the seasonal time change throughout the European Union by 2021.
A recent report by the London-based Chatham House shows that a new generation of cultured meat and plant-based meat products have the potential of changing our indulgence in slaughtered meat and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Ten citizen proposals to reinvent Europe

Saturday, 23 March 2019 22:41
Ten concrete citizen proposals to reinvent Europe were presented to the European Parliament in Brussels on Friday.
As well as being a concern for British politicians, British citizens are worried about Brexit too.
The EU institutions reached an agreement this week on revising the rules on the rights of citizens moving to another EU country. Among the innovations, job seekers will be given more time to find work abroad and the long-term care needs of older people living abroad will also be addressed.