The European Commission has launched an online public consultation on the direction the EU should take in the future.
On Tuesday 8 May, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Belgium, Mrs Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi, addressed a large audience of Belgian and Pakistani business people and government officials at a business conference in Brussels.
US president Trump announced yesterday that the US will withdraw from the nuclear deal and impose sanctions on Iran for allegedly violating the deal. EU and the three European powers that signed the deal in 2015 declared directly after his unilateral withdrawal that they will continue to support the deal…
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Tuesday described as "crazy” a proposal backed by Prime Minister Theresa May for a new customs union with the European Union (EU) after Brexit becomes effective, thus exposing divisions within the Conservative government on future ties with the EU.
While the world awaits president Trump’s fateful decision on 12 May concerning the nuclear deal with Iran, business seems to go on as usual in Brussels. Asked at a press briefing last Friday whether EU planned any measures in case the US would leave the deal, a spokesperson repeated Trump’s…
Next month, any European young person who is 18 on 1 July 2018 will be able to apply for one of 15,000 free Interrail tickets, worth up to EUR500, for travel in Europe this summer, the European Commission has announced.
This summer, Kazakhstan will deliver an official presentation of Astana’s International Financial Centre (AIFC). The platform was launched at the beginning of this year. The project is set to become the core element of Central Asian country’s financial infrastructure.
The Cyprus conflict is one of the world’s longest running international conflicts. Since 1974, Cyprus has been divided into a Greek Cypriot part, the Republic of Cyprus, and a northern Turkish Cypriot part on one-third of the island. In 1983 the northern part declared itself the Turkish Republic of Northern…
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increased by 1.8% in the European Union (EU) last year, according to the first estimates for 2017 from the EU statistical office, Eurostat.

EU opens up to the public on 5 May

Friday, 04 May 2018 15:58
To celebrate Europe Day, the European institutions in Brussels will open their doors to the public for the annual Open Day on 5 May 2018 from 10.00 to 18.00.