On Saturday, the Hungarian government announced it was ending its controversial poster campaign against Jean-Claude Juncker.
Ryanair has decided to take precautions in case there is a hard Brexit.
At a meeting on Friday in Papeete (Tahiti) in French Polynesia, the EU discussed its future partnership with the Overseas Countries and Territories and signed five cooperation programmes with them totalling €44 million.
The Hungarian government has launched an anti-migration campaign on billboards and newspaper advertisements ahead of the European Parliament elections in May.
European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said on Thursday that the UK needed to make a decision rather than call for a possible postponement of the Brexit deadline, adding that the talks on the UK withdrawal from Europe were at “a grave moment”.
On Sunday, the EU condemned the current Venezuelan regime’s use of violence and armed groups to stop humanitarian aid getting into the country. 
European President Jean-Claude Juncker and UK Prime Minister Theresa May met yesterday evening in Brussels to take stock of their efforts to deliver the UK’s orderly withdrawal from the EU.
The European Parliament adopted last week a report on the implementation of a council regulation on the protection of animals during transport within and outside the EU.
Prime Minister Charles Michel and his British counterpart Theresa May will take “the same position” on returning IS fighters, they decided during a telephone conversation on Sunday. 
The three EU institutions, the Parliament, the Council and the Commission, reached this week a political deal on rules aimed at creating a fair, transparent and predictable business environment for businesses and traders when using online platforms. This will be the first-ever set of rules on on-line platforms.