Transparency International published this week its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2018. A majority of the top 20 countries this year are EU member states. The candidate countries that are aspiring to become member states, by 2025 at the earliest, are much further down in the ranking despite EU support.
A mechanism to facilitate EU trade with Iran despite U.S. sanctions was announced on Thursday by its three sponsors, France, Germany and the United Kingdom (E3), at a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Bucharest, Romania.
Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Wednesday that a distribution agreement reached with six other European countries would allow the 47 migrants blocked for 12 days on the Sea-Watch 3 ship to go onshore in Italy “in the next few hours”.“
The European Union “will take additional measures” if there are no elections in Venezuela “over the next few days”.
The members of the Asia-Pacific Women’ Association (APWA) attended the annual New Year’s meeting on 22 January 2019.
After Robert Mugabe was ousted from power in Zimbawbe in 2017 and replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, who won the elections in July last year, the people of the country and the international community started to hope about a better future. Mugabe had ruled Zimbabwe for 37 brutal years and brought…
Close to 800,000 persons, 22,942 of them in Belgium, studied, were trained or volunteered overseas in 2017 under the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme, the European Commission announced on Thursday.
Airbus CEO Tom Enders warned on Thursday that his company would have to take potentially “very painful decisions” for its UK operations if Britain pulls out of the EU without an agreement with its partners.

Surveys on antisemitism in Europe frighten EU

Thursday, 24 January 2019 11:44
Ahead of the international Remembrance Day for the victims of the Holocaust the European Commission published this week a special Eurobarometer on the perceptions of antisemitism in Europe. The day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Soviet Red Army on 27 January 1945.
The British embassy in Brussels is advising British nationals, living in Belgium to apply for a Belgian driving license, in case they currently hold a British.