A new president took power in Zimbabwe on Sunday after being declared winner by the country’s constitutional court in the contested July 30 elections. Emmerson Mnangagwa from the ruling Zanu-PF party was sworn in as president after narrowly winning the elections with 50.8 % of the vote against 44.3 %…
Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio confirmed Friday his intention to reduce Italy’s contribution to EU budget, in the absence of an agreement in Brussels on the fate of migrants blocked on an Italian vessel.
European States need to step up expulsions of undocumented foreigners or else “the migrant problem will not be resolved”, Fabrice Leggieri, head of the European border agency Frontex, said on Thursday in an interview with the Ebra media group.
The European Commission has adopted a first series of projects to the sum of 18 million euros “to support sustainable economic and social development” in Iran as it reels from the reimposition of U.S, sanctions.
The European Commission intends to significantly increase climate targets.
European Union (EU) farmers will now be able to receive advances on farm aid for which they are eligible, the European Commission announced on Thursday.
The EU Commission has spoken out against a new rule brought in by the Belgian government which would charge journalists a fee of €50 for the right to attend EU summits.
The European Union (EU) has mobilized considerable resources since Monday to help fight fires in Greece, Sweden and Latvia concurrently, and put its civil protection mechanism to the test.
Poland decided to send 140 firemen to Sweden to combat forest fires that are sustained by a major drought and are raging in the south of this Scandinavian country, announced Friday Polish Minister of Internal Affairs.
Wednesday, the EU imposed a record 4.34 billion euros fine on Google, this time in connection with the Android antitrust file, a decision that risks damaging its relations with the US even more.