The European Commission on Wednesday gave the green light to a second tranche of €3 billion to help Turkey host Syrian refugees on its soil, as promised two years ago in the controversial migration agreement concluded between the European Union and Turkey.
European finance ministers have again broached the European “black list” of countries, which are making no - or very few - efforts to counter fraud and tax evasion.
The Cyprus issue is one of the world’s longest running international conflicts.
In a new audit report, the European Court of Auditors delivers scathing criticism of EU’s pre-accession assistance to help prepare Turkey for EU membership and align itself with EU laws. The auditors attribute the limited impact of the assistance on bureaucratic shortcomings such as hight staff turnover and, above all,…
President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, recently announced new initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Kazakhstan’s citizens. The President presented his “Five Social Initiatives” at a joint session of the two chambers of the Kazakh parliament earlier this month.
Toys comprise 29% of all dangerous products withdrawn from European markets, according to an annual report published on Monday by Rapex, the European early warning system for non-food goods.
On Saturday, the American President Donald Trump said he would drop the Customs tax on steel and aluminium for EU imports if the EU dropped their tax on American products.
Catalonia’s main pro-independence parties are proposing the holding of a new referendum in Catalonia on a future constitution for the “Catalan Republic” that was proclaimed in October but remains a dead letter.

EU women earn on average 16% less than men

Thursday, 08 March 2018 13:39
In 2016, women earned on average 16% less than men in the European Union, according to an article published Wednesday by Eurostat, the European Statistics Office. In Belgium, the gap is 6.1%.
President Trump’s announcement last week on imposing tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum has prompted EU to plan countermeasures to protect its economic interests.