Never ever has the European Commission been so much criticized by its own watchdog as for the appointment of its Secretary-General Martin Selmayr last year. In a decision yesterday, European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly rejected the Commission’s response in justifying the appointment.
The international audit group, EY, is preparing to create a new legal entity in Brussels.
British Prime Minister Theresa May will ask MPs for more time to renegotiate another Brexit deal with Brussels.
Ukraine’s Parliament on Thursday passed a bill to enshrine its aspiration to join the European Union and NATO in the country’s Constitution, in a vote judged “historic” by President Petro Porochenko.
On-farm slaughter might improve animal welfare by eliminating unnecessary long-distance transport of animals according to Compassion in World Farming, a British NGO which is campaigning to end all factory farming practices.
The poorest and most vulnerable individuals, children and pensioners – in Europe are also the most exposed to air and noise pollution, warns the European Environment Agency (the ‘AEE’) in a report published on Monday.
Transparency International published this week its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2018. A majority of the top 20 countries this year are EU member states. The candidate countries that are aspiring to become member states, by 2025 at the earliest, are much further down in the ranking despite EU support.
A mechanism to facilitate EU trade with Iran despite U.S. sanctions was announced on Thursday by its three sponsors, France, Germany and the United Kingdom (E3), at a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Bucharest, Romania.
Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Wednesday that a distribution agreement reached with six other European countries would allow the 47 migrants blocked for 12 days on the Sea-Watch 3 ship to go onshore in Italy “in the next few hours”.“
The European Union “will take additional measures” if there are no elections in Venezuela “over the next few days”.