Do you feel poorer? You may not realise that people in Brussels have had a big pay cut over the past year. But step on to Eurostar at the Gare du Midi and once you arrive in London, you’ll feel the pinch. The British capital has never been cheap, but it…


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One of the most difficult topics to discuss in a society is racism. A daily reality to some, relative to others.
There are few business sectors emerging as fast as the digital economy. Just a year ago almost no one had ever heard of the taxi company Uber or the hotel substitute service Air B'n'B but now almost everyone knows about these two online services.
Europe finds itself very close to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and shows an increasing interest in contributing to a sustainable and just solution to the conflict. Last December the European Parliament voted with overwhelming majority for a resolution supporting in principle the recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two-state resolution.
What was the origin of World War One? A gunshot at Sarajevo? Don't you believe it! What started the Second World War then? Hardly another assassination attempt on a grand duke!
MEPs' expenses should be subject to more "rigorous and regular" checks in order to avoid potential abuse of the system.
Brussels life is periodically punctuated by strikes against budget cuts and jobs losses. But such protests pale in comparison to the political backlash against austerity that is gathering strength across much of the eurozone.

Basic rights are a duty

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A few months ago I was strolling through Chaussée de Haecht, one of the most important commercial streets in Brussels. This vibrant street connects four communes of Brussels. Chaussée de Haecht is in particular known for its many Turkish shops, restaurants and bakeries.
Following the op-ed by Mose Apelblat on 18.12.2014 on EU funding to Roma integration, we have received the following response from DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion to the questions raised in the article. Q: Are there figures on how much EU-funding is going to Roma projects or projects with…

A letter to the Editor in Regards to Charlie Hebdo

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The events at Charlie Hebdo were shocking. Journalists and lay members of the public have showed solidarity with the journalists of Charlie Hebdo by holding up the “Je suis Charlie” placards. The sheer volume of people taking part in these acts of solidarity has been tremendous.