Basic rights are a duty

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 19:16 Written by
A few months ago I was strolling through Chaussée de Haecht, one of the most important commercial streets in Brussels. This vibrant street connects four communes of Brussels. Chaussée de Haecht is in particular known for its many Turkish shops, restaurants and bakeries.
Following the op-ed by Mose Apelblat on 18.12.2014 on EU funding to Roma integration, we have received the following response from DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion to the questions raised in the article. Q: Are there figures on how much EU-funding is going to Roma projects or projects with…

A letter to the Editor in Regards to Charlie Hebdo

Sunday, 11 January 2015 15:13 Written by
The events at Charlie Hebdo were shocking. Journalists and lay members of the public have showed solidarity with the journalists of Charlie Hebdo by holding up the “Je suis Charlie” placards. The sheer volume of people taking part in these acts of solidarity has been tremendous.

Roma integration far away despite EU funding

Thursday, 18 December 2014 17:52 Written by
Media has recently been reporting on an increase in hate crime and violence against Roma in EU member states and candidate countries. In Sweden, known for its tolerance to immigrants, Roma camps have been attacked and set on fire. In Germany, known for outlawing hate crime, Anti-Gypsyism gets away unpunished.…

Must Brussels be like Vienna and Berlin?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 14:56 Written by
If you have lived before in Berlin or in Vienna, in Paris or in London, or even in Antwerp, you may often have wondered, sometimes with some exasperation, why Brussels is not a bit more like them. Why does the city of Brussels - more precisely the Region of Brussels…

Belgium against austerity

Friday, 12 December 2014 16:18 Written by
Europe is ailing. In no other place is this more clear than in Brussels, the heart of Europe, where Belgians are reluctant to accept the neoliberal austerity measures of their new government.
The 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards made their way through France and Belgium in 1944 towards Holland. The route involved the towns and villages of Tournai – Lessines – Herinnes – Brussels – Tervuren – Louvain – Aerschot (Escaut) – Lommel.
"Corporations are attempting to achieve by stealth – through secretly negotiated trade agreements – what they could not attain in an open political process." Joseph E. Stiglitz – Nobel Prize in economic Sciences 2001, World Bank chief economist 1997-2000

EU trade: What are the challenges ahead?

Friday, 31 October 2014 11:59 Written by
In September 2014, Mr Jean-Claude Junker, the new President-elect of the European Commission, presented Ms Cecilia Malmström as the new Trade Commissioner. With complex issues on the agenda, such as the EU-US TTIP, other bilateral and multilateral negotiations in a context of increased global protectionism, the pending modernisation of the…

Why the euro zone economy needs stimulus

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 17:07 Written by
Brussels is not a cheap city. So it might seem like good news that consumer prices fell in Belgium over the past twelve months. If inflation becomes negative, the euros in your pocket stretch further.