On Friday afternoon, it will be partly cloudy and dry at first, but it is not set to last. 
Five people have been arrested and held on charges of hostage-taking and murder in the case of the nine-year-old Daniel, found dead in a ditch near to the asylum centre in Ranst where he was living with his mother.
Belgium has surpassed two education targets for 2020 set by the EU: having at least 40% of citizens aged 30-34 years with a higher-education diploma and limiting school dropout rates to 10%.

A bicycle discount project by the city of Antwerp has convinced 1,702 employees to buy a bicycle and to get to work by bike, according to local media.

No fewer than 428 medicines are no longer available in Belgium, according to new figures.

The average night shelter occupancy rate was 70% this winter in Namur, meaning ample bed spaces for those in need, according to the local government.
Belgian electronic bike start-up Cowboy is going international after announcing plans to target the Dutch, French and German markets, it announced on Friday.
On Thursday, the federal parliament ended its last session before the May elections. Whatever result that election returns, one in five of the members sitting yesterday will not be returning for the new session.
Over half of Belgian drivers (63%) regularly use their horn to express their irritation, while 59% curse, 31% tailgate and others make rude gestures, according to a study in 11 European countries by traffic safety institute Vias.

Smoking in the car with a child present, is no longer allowed in the Brussels region.

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