The Environment Committee of the Walloon Parliament will have the opportunity to vote on Friday, 5 May, on the proposal for a decree prohibiting the slaughter of animals without prior stunning under certain conditions for ritual slaughter, it was reported on Thursday by good sources.
A majority of Britons are for the first time regretting the outcome of the 23 June 2016 referendum in favor of an EU exit, according to a YouGov poll published in The Times on Thursday.
One year after its launch in Belgium, the carpooling site BlaBlaCar has surpassed the one million proposed seats, said the provider in a statement on Thursday.
A European country facing an urgent gas shortage will be able to alert other EU Member States and trigger cross-border aid to assist them.
A mobile bakery will be funded by the Charleroi Public Social Services Centre, as part of its community budget.
Angela Merkel warned the British today (Thursday) that they could not hope to have the same rights as EU member states after Brexit.
Thursday, 27 April 2017 14:24

Belgians favour good pay over job security

There are currently seven Belgian firms in the top ten most attractive employers, as perceived by Belgian workers.
Yesterday evening (Wednesday) the municipal council of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean adopted by, a large majority, a new motion. This is intended to safeguard human rights and the application of international law in the field of public procurement.
The 28 EU Member States granted protection status to 710,400 asylum seekers last year, more than double that of 2015, Eurostat, the EU's statistical office reported on Wednesday.
More and more employers want to receive training or take a course on diversity which deals with legislation for example, says Unia.
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