The first poll of the year, done for Le Soir, RTL-TVI, VTM and Het Laatste Nieuws, has confirmed the “Green wave” sweeping the country.
Saturday, 16 February 2019 19:11

The sp.a wants free GP consultations

Everyone should be able to see their GP for free, according to Flemish socialists in the sp.a.
The action plan drawn up by minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld), the follow-up to Theo Francken’s (N-VA) plan “to take back control of the asylum problem”, was approved by the Minister’s Council on Friday.
A 2018 internal audit regarding the psychosocial burden on federal police and twelve local police departments has shown that officers are struggling more and more, La Dernière Heure reported on Saturday. 

Building and managing prisons is cheaper via the public sector than via the private sector, according to the Accounts court.
A piece of cloth impregnated with the blood of Pope John Paul II, canonized in 2014, will be displayed for the devotion of the faithful during nine days as of Saturday in Hal’s Soeurs Sacramentines Convent, nuns indicated Friday on Facebook.
Saturday, 16 February 2019 15:06

Brussels hotels get their stars back

If they wish to do so, the capital’s officially registered hotels will soon be allowed to display the number of stars to which they are entitled, and thus indicate their hotel’s official level of comfort.
Saturday, 16 February 2019 15:04

2,000 canaries free to go to Pairi Daiza

Some 2,000 canaries sent to Israel earlier this month before being returned to Belgium, will leave in a few days for Pairi Daiza, the Agency for Food Chain Safety (AFSCA) said Friday.
Saturday, 16 February 2019 15:01

Perfectionists risk psychological disorder

Mental health problems such as burnout, depression, anxiety or eating disorders are common among perfectionists, due to the way they deal emotionally with failure.
The federal government has agreed to freeze the social tariff for gas and electricity at its current level for the time being, following a public outcry over planned increases.
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