The march of the seven prostitution survivors arrived in Brussels on Saturday.
The discussion forum dedicated to the Brabant killings has been closed after a complaint.

The agriculture committee of the European Parliament voted in the beginning of April on reforms of EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) in opposition to the environment committee that wanted to make EU farm subsidies conditional on minimal animal welfare standards.

Nearly two Belgian firefighters in three are overweight.
Two aerial transport workers unions have warned they will be striking in Spain this week.
Yesterday was the first day of visits to the Hallerbos, the forest just outside the Flemish Brabant city of Halle carpeted by blue hyacinths at this time of year, and the local authorities have taken precautions to defend against the expected crowds of visitors.
The metro station Botanique on the Brussels metro lines 2 and 6 was evacuated yesterday after youths started a fire on board a metro train.

No-one was injured, and metro traffic was interrupted for a time before being re-established by around 20,40, Stib spokesperson Françoise Ledune said.

The youths are thought to have used petrol and a lighter to start the fire. One window gave way to the heat, and a moulding above was melted. The train was taken to a Stib depot for repairs.
The station was evacuated because of the smell of burning and heavy smoke.

The Stib intends to file a complaint. “The police have been informed, and footage from security cameras on the platform and in the train itself will be examined,” Ledune said. “This is an act of vandalism. Luckily it created more upset than damage.”

In another incident on Saturday, a panel on the side of an escalator in the tram-metro station Midi sprang loose, bringing the escalator to a grinding halt. One passenger had to jump out of the way on the moving escalator to avoid injury when the steps began to give way.

“He jumped over the bottom step,” spokesperson An Van Hamme said. “For safety's sake an ambulance was called, but nobody was caught between the steps. We are investigating how this could have happened.”

This is the first time such an incident has taken place involving a Stib escalator, she said. All escalators are regularly serviced by an outside specialist company.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times
Police in Antwerp will soon have the power to confiscate the vehicles of street-racers and other dangerous drivers, without the need for a court order.
There will a protest calling for the end of nuclear power in Belgium on the 26th of April.
Social security regimes in the different EU member states will not be coordinated this term, a spokesman told the Belga agency on Friday.
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