Petrol prices at the pumps will increase from Thursday.
The concentration of fine particles (PM10) in the air has diminished in Belgium’s three regions and is now lower than the public information phase, set at 50 µg/m³, the Inter-regional Environment Cell (Celine) indicated on Wednesday.
The co-founder of the Islam Party, Redouane Ahrouch, says he will challenge his dismissal by the Brussels public transport company, Stib, in the labour court, Het Nieuwsblad and the Gazet van Antwerpen reported on Tuesday.
Fans of the national Belgian national football team, the Red Devils, and indeed medal winners of all hues, can from now on fill their shelves with a new collectible item: the €2.5 coin struck as a tribute to the Red Devils.
To safeguard pensions, careers need to be longer and the employment rate higher, the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, FEB, has said in reaction to a demonstration by unions in favour of pensions.
With one month to go before the Football World Cup in Russia, the Vias Institute has called on Belgians to refrain from drinking and driving before and after matches of the national team, the Red Devils.
The property company, Montea, is launching a platform enabling companies to exchange storage spaces.
Oxfam Peacewalker is 42.2 kilometers to be walked by teams of four within a time limit of 10 hours.
Increasing numbers of Walloon pupils are being educated in Flemish schools.
The Muslim Executive of Belgium (‘EMB’) announced on Tuesday evening, “The fast of the month of Ramadan will begin on May 17th, 2018 this year.” 
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