By hosting European Union and NATO headquarters, Brussels does not fail to arouse the interest of intelligence services.
The eighteen students present at the Reuzegom Student Club’s university initiation that was fatal to a 20-year-old student, last December, risk heavy sanctions from KUL Leuven, even definitive expulsion from the campus, Sudpresse Nieuwsblad and Het titles report Saturday.

The academic institution is conducting a disciplinary investigation on the role played by each participant. 

One of the students injured in the tragic initiation was also invited to appear before the institution's disciplinary committee. He is accused of not having raised the alarm in time, which could have prevented his companion’s death. He faces expulsion until the end of the year.

The Brussels Times
CD&V President Wouter Beke implied Saturday in interviews granted to L'EchoLa Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure that he wants to reinforce his party’s bonds with the Francophone CDH.
Saturday, 09 February 2019 13:54

Elon Musk’s one-hour tour in Zeebrugge Port

Elon Musk, Head of electric car manufacturer Tesla, visited the port of Zeebrugge Friday, a reliable source says.
Bpost Bank, a subsidiary of the part state-owned national postal authority, has withdrawn plans to charge some clients for withdrawing money from cash machines, following negative reactions.
Saturday, 09 February 2019 09:55

Third suspect in Antwerp bank robbery arrested

Two new suspects in the case of the spectacular raid on the safe-deposit room of a bank in Antwerp a week ago have been arrested, bringing the number to three. The first suspect arrested on Tuesday, meanwhile, has been freed.
One week ago, Brussels Airlines was warning of the cancellation of 28 of the flights due to take off from Brussels Airport on 13 February, the day of a national strike called by private sector unions. Yesterday the airline announced it had cancelled all flights on that day – a total of 222, with some 16,000 passengers affected.
Friday, 08 February 2019 17:54

Brussels parks closed this weekend

All regional parks in Brussels will be closed on Saturday and Sunday due to the strong winds forecast for this weekend and waterlogged conditions on the ground, Brussels Environnement, announced on Friday.
"Black Horizon" is the second exhibition as part of the collaboration between BPS22 and a/political. It brings together Erik Bulatov (1933) and Andrei Molodkin (1966), two Russian artists from different generations, around a shared critique of the dominant language.
The budget deficit is set to reach 1.7% of GDP this year (€7.7 billion), according to calculations carried out by the Federal Planning Bureau, reported on Friday in De Tijd.
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