Internet search giant Google has rejected a request from the Belgian nuclear power regulator to blur out its satellite images of the country's nuclear power stations for security reasons.
The trial of Mehdi Nemmouche, accused of the attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels in May 2014 in which four people were shot dead, this week heard from a number of witnesses who testified that Nemmouche had taken part in atrocities while fighting in Syria on the side of Islamist extremists.
The chance of Belgian internet users having access to the latest ultra-fast 5G technology by 2020 have virtually vanished, according to telecommunications minister Philippe De Backer, who blamed “a banal question of money”.
Ukraine’s Parliament on Thursday passed a bill to enshrine its aspiration to join the European Union and NATO in the country’s Constitution, in a vote judged “historic” by President Petro Porochenko.
Thursday, 07 February 2019 20:52

Recruiting a first employee boosts turnover

Taking on a first employee boosts the average small company’s turnover by 44% and its profit margin by 63% within a year, according to a study by the Partena social secretariat.
"State Security is not monitoring the climate demonstrations and their organisers,” Justice Minister Koen Geens said on Wednesday in answer to a question from Groen (Green) legislator Stefaan Van Hecke at a parliamentary committee meeting.
Some 5.000 students demonstrated in the Brussels city centre on Thursday morning to press for measures to protect the climate, according to the Brussels-Ixelles police.
On-farm slaughter might improve animal welfare by eliminating unnecessary long-distance transport of animals according to Compassion in World Farming, a British NGO which is campaigning to end all factory farming practices.
Youth for Climate members are organizing a worldwide strike on Friday 15 March to demand better climate policies.
Thursday, 07 February 2019 16:46

"Dad, you knew, didn’t you?"

Youth for Climate activists Charlier Adelaide and Louise Vanden Abeele react Thursday to Le Soir in response to what are considered to be disdainful judgmental messages showing on social networks for the last several days.
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