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Neveo brings you closer to your grandparents

Neveo brings you closer to your grandparents

How can family ties be maintained and strengthened despite distance?

Giving frequent news to family is not always easy when you live abroad. Many expatriate families regularly organize video calling sessions, use social networks or instant messaging groups to share news or photos of their daily life. But what about non-connected family members, such as grandparents? How can we share our daily life with them? A simple and adapted solution: Neveo, the monthly family journal.

Strengthening intergenerational ties 

Neveo is a photo journal for grandparents that is fed monthly by their families. The goal is clear: to strengthen the intergenerational ties between the elderly and their families through the use of tools adapted to each generation - the smartphone for the youngest and the paper for the oldest.

Neveo is very simple: family members from all over the world add photos and descriptions about their day-to-day life to the mobile application. On the last day of each month, Neveo takes care of the rest: the layout, printing and mailing of the journal to your (grand)parents. Thanks to the automatic layout, it only takes you a few minutes a month to create your journal.

Neveo knows no boundaries 

The idea for this family journal was born in 2015 during a trip of several months in Asia. Like many travellers or expatriates, Vincent, co-founder, felt during this trip the need to share news with his family and the lack of means to communicate with his grandfather whom he was very close to. He then decided to create Neveo, a service to help families share their daily life with their grandparents, no matter how far apart they live, what their habits are or what difficulties they face.

Today, Neveo journals are delivered all over the world, the application is used by 100,000 people and 1 million photos are sent every month to more than 20,000 parents or grandparents.

Subscription for the whole family from 9.99€/month.

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