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BJAB (British Junior Academy of Brussels) - where education for life is a tradition

BJAB (British Junior Academy of Brussels) - where education for life is a tradition

BJAB (The British Junior Academy of Brussels) is a high-performing Prep school located in the diplomatic quarter of Brussels. Over its 25 year history it has developed a reputation for high standards of academic achievement coupled with a strong family ethos.

The small class size, focus on manners and behaviour, and high quality teaching each contribute to a closely-knit community of families from all over the world. The British curriculum is adapted to include French for all ages and specialist subjects such as philosophy and classical civilisation for the older pupils who are progressing to their first choice of secondary school.

The school has British Schools Overseas (BSO) status and holds accreditation from international bodies such as COBIS and IAPS.


One of the reflections from the recent COVID-19 lockdown experience is how important the social aspect of school is. To consider the school purely as a place of instruction is to ignore a vast spectrum of crucial learning and development opportunities which are taking place in overt and more subtle ways.

As lockdown has shown, responses to direct instruction can vary. We naturally question, challenge and hypothesise alternatives before deciding to follow, or disobey. The learning process at BJAB fosters and harnesses curiosity, exploration and discovery. The teachers direct and encourage pupils to show independence, individual responsibility and intellectual rigour.


What makes BJAB special is the context in which this process takes place: the social context. The community at BJAB, for all its rich diversity of nationality, culture and language, is bound together by a set of values which permeate all aspects of school life.

From the moment Mrs White, the Headteacher, greets each child and family on the steps of the school at the start of the day, the tone is set. The correct uniform; calm personal organisation; care and kindness to others; polite manners.

The care and well-being for each pupil is the BJAB trademark and the structured framework of academic and social code enables BJAB pupils to flourish with their individual personalities. Nowhere is this more evident than in the pupils’ wide range of accomplishments in art, drama, dance, music, sport, and social responsibility causes.

Distance Learning

During the lockdown, BJAB has continued daily education using its Distance Learning platform. The creativity and individualised care of the teachers and conscientiousness of the pupils has maintained progress along the curriculum pathway. The reaction from parents and pupils has been overwhelmingly supportive and certain aspects of the system will continue to be used even after a full return to school.

Extension Plans

In September BJAB opens a new building on Boulevard Louis Schmidt, almost directly opposite the current building on Boulevard St Michel. The premises add a further five floors of beautiful classrooms, a theatre, an art and design technology building and a refectory. The additional outdoor space will be available to the whole school.

BJAB now offers education in Years 7 and 8, with an enhanced curriculum designed to stretch and motivate the pupils. Specialist lessons in music, philosophy, Latin and classical civilisation fit BJAB’s mission to provide a broad and balanced education for all pupils. These additional subjects help pupils to prepare for entrance into a wide choice of secondary schools, both internationally and in Belgium.

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