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An app called Wanda - Take your travel health advice with you everywhere you go

An app called Wanda - Take your travel health advice with you everywhere you go

If you are planning a trip abroad and want information on the health risks in that country, The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp has developed a new travel health app that offers real-time health information about all countries.

The app is called Wanda and is available in English, French and Dutch. Wanda is free, user-friendly and contains up-to-date information that can also be found on the ITM’s revamped travel health website.

It will inform you of all the very latest health information before, during and after your trip abroad.

The app can be used for information on travel medicine and vaccinations and it now includes updated information on travel restrictions imposed by the Belgian government concerning COVID-19.

This information is based on the official guidelines of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs. Most of the information is also available offline and ITM can even send you a specific message in case of an outbreak in your country of destination.

The app is the brainchild of Dr Patrick Soentjens, Dr Mieke Croughs and Dr Ula Maniewski.

"We noticed that many people do not inform themselves properly when going on a trip. That involves great risks, because for some countries you need vaccinations or certain medicines. And sometimes when you travel, something happens and you need information quickly – maybe a dog bites you or you get traveller's diarrhoea. We want to help people find their way to the correct information more easily. That's why the app is also available offline, because at some destinations there is no wifi or you just don't put on your 4G."

About the ITM Travel Clinic

The ITM travel clinic is well known in Belgium and is becoming ever more popular among globetrotters.

Every year almost 20,000 people make an appointment to get travel advice and/or vaccinations while some 5,000 patients receive medical follow-up for a travel-related illness after coming home.

The travel medicine website receives about 450,000 hits a year.

Wanda is free and downloadable for IOS and Android. You can download the app here.

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