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Ecole Internationale Montgomery (EIM) – a fun, caring international city school in Brussels

Ecole Internationale Montgomery (EIM) – a fun, caring international city school in Brussels

EIM is a fun, caring international school that offers a welcoming, friendly, family atmosphere with both a primary and secondary section.

The school offers a truly international environment, with 150 students and teachers from as many as 40 different nationalities. Class sizes are always kept as small as possible, accommodating a maximum of 16 students.

“The mission of the pedagogical and leadership team is to guarantee high-quality education, to develop the integrity, curiosity, and rigour of our students so that they can undertake university studies with brilliance” David Gerone - EIM Founder
IB Programmes EIM has full International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditation, offering the internationally recognized Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). The Diploma Programme is a two-year course leading to the IB Diploma, one of the world's most innovative educational courses for 16-19 year olds, and is widely recognised and accepted by Belgian, European and international universities. EIM students end up studying in prestigious universities around the world. What Makes EIM Special EIM has a very warm, family atmosphere in which everyone knows each other by name. Head of School, Danielle Franzen, was asked by The Brussels Times what makes the school so special “EIM has a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers with a very strong group cohesion, which leads to engaging and creative collaborative projects for the students.” “Our small class sizes allow for close monitoring and support of individual student needs, so that they can reach their full potential. Students are actively engaged in class and our results are strong in all grade levels. We pride ourselves on our 100% pass rate in the Diploma Programme since its implementation at our school” she added.
“What I enjoy most about EIM is the fact that classes are small, allowing for close follow-up from teachers, as well as being able to have strong ties with most of the students from the class and the school community. EIM DP Student
EIM is also the only city school to offer the Advanced Bilingual IB Programme, Ms Franzen explains “The Advanced Bilingual Programme allows students to complete the IB programmes with some courses in English and others in French. It truly differentiates them when applying to universities.”
“What I like most about EIM is that it is a community that makes for a safe and friendly learning environment. Even if you are not close with everyone, you see them on a daily basis, and everyone helps each other out.” EIM MYP Student
EIM students demonstrate a high involvement in the school. Secondary students regularly organise activities for primary children during recess, tutor them, and even pop into lessons for teaching & learning activities. The students are also highly dedicated to the local and global community, organising activities and workshops to raise awareness on matters of global importance. The City as their Classroom EIM fully embraces their central location. They take every opportunity to include as much fun as possible for the students, not only in the classroom but also at regular community events and school outings. These events are the ideal opportunity for students to get to know each other better, and to learn outside of the classroom. Recent and planned events include bowling, participating in the climate walk, visits to the Magritte Museum, I Love Science Festival, Pairidaiza, a car manufacturing plant and even visiting a brewery. Students also have their sports lessons at the local VUB sports centre and they perform their theatre plays in an actual theatre in Brussels.
“My school is so nice and everyone plays together, and with me. My friends are called brothers and we love to play football in the playground. I love maths and doing exams. My teachers always do nice things for me and I always listen to them. I also like the school lunch and they give me pasta and spaghetti.” EIM Primary Student
New Campus EIM is definitely on the rise and there has been important growth over the past few years with a new campus: the Montgomery campus is mostly for PYP and MYP students, with a lab and a library for primary and secondary. The new Broqueville campus is for DP students and has 5 extra classrooms, a black box theatre for primary and secondary, and a study space for DP students. The new campus is a big step forward in the history of the school, consolidating it as a “city school” with a contemporary outlook. Location and Contact Ecole Internationale Montgomery (EIM) is located in the heart of Brussels in a welcoming old mansion “Hotel de Maitre”. It’s close to the European institutions and NATO and easy to reach by metro, tram or bus, with many of the secondary students taking public transport to get to school. Visit their Facebook page or their website to get a feel of the school’s culture and atmosphere. Ecole Internationale Montgomery Rue du Duc 133, 1200 Brussels +32 (2) 733 63 23

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