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Workout advice - ahead of your ski holiday

Workout advice - ahead of your ski holiday

Going skiing this year? Here’s how to make sure your body is ready to get the most out of your winter fun.

Skiing can certainly be one of the most fun, exhilarating holidays on offer, but you do need to be prepared if you want to get the most out of it. That doesn’t only mean ensuring your ski equipment is well maintained – it also means developing a level of fitness and flexibility to ensure your body is up to the task!

You’ll need to build up cardiovascular fitness – not just for the act of skiing itself, but to help you deal with the thinner air at altitude – and this is something you will have to work on over time.

In addition, skiing uses a lot of muscles that we don’t typically focus on: stabilising muscles that require specific attention and that, depending on what you normally do at the gym, you may be almost starting from scratch on.

The Aspria wellbeing team stresses the importance of incorporating technique into your training.

“At Aspria Avenue Louise, we run a series of circuit-based classes designed specifically for those getting ready for a ski trip. These workouts incorporate legs, core, stability, balance, flexibility and cardio, but I also help members get to grips with some of the fundamentals of skiing, using exercises that simulate some of the moves they will need to do on the slopes.”

“For ski turns, for example, we work on transfer of body weight, keeping the weight forward rather than sitting back, and isolating the upper and lower body. In the end, strong legs aren’t enough to make you a good skier. You need good technique too – and some of this can be developed in the gym!”

Kjell Mailleux, Wellbeing Manager and Floriane de Maere, Wellbeing Advisor, show you some of those exercises for ski preparation here.

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