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be•at - the new name for Sportpaleis Group

be•at - the new name for Sportpaleis Group

Sportpaleis Group, Belgium's largest live entertainment group, has launched complete rebranding and an exciting new name change. The new name be•at now describes much better what the group stands for today in terms of venue management.

Sportpaleis, Lotto Arena, Antwerp Stadsschouwburg, Capitole Gent, Vorst Nationaal, Trixxo Arena, Trixxo Theatre and Proximus Pop-up Arena now have a new identity and will be linked together by the parent brand be•at.

be•at: visitors and venues more in the spotlight

"The new name is a direct call to be there and to experience together moments that will last a lifetime. The inspiration for the new visual identity is the energetic movement of the crowd, the attraction of the artist, the music and the collective heartbeat of the audience. It is this movement and emotion that is the basis for the new name and visual identity of our organisation".

Jan Van Esbroeck, CEO of be•at

The group may have a new name but the venues will be given their own identity more prominently than ever with even more attention for the visitor, who will be approached in a more personal way. For example, when it comes to a performance or a theatre show, communication will be from the venue itself and no longer from the group.

The loyal fans will soon be able to enjoy a loyalty programme, which be•at will launch later this year. There will be a fast lane and they will have access to a lounge or bar, to presales, free tickets and discounts on VIP experiences.

Increase Gross National Happiness

"The goal of our organisation is and always will be to increase Gross National Happiness by bringing people of all ages and origins together in collective, magical experiences. The timing for the rebranding was not chosen by chance and provides an extra dynamic after two unusual years. In the next eight months alone, the group has almost 600 events on the calendar. We have professionalised enormously in recent years, which allows us to organise large-scale events that contribute to the general well-being of society", says Jan Van Esbroeck.

Corporate social responsibility

With its new name, be•at is also expressing a stronger commitment to global warming as the organisation wants to reduce its CO2 emissions by focusing even more on sustainable transport and the 'last mile to the arena', which means using mobility solutions other than the car to get to the venues.

A lot of results have already been achieved in recent years, especially with the combi ticket, which has led to an increase of more than 50% in the number of visitors who travel to the venues in a sustainable manner. The ambition is to increase this figure to 60% by 2025.

Be•at wants to map its ecological footprint and energy consumption is a major concern, so the switch to renewable energy has already been initiated. There are now 1600 solar panels on the roofs of Trixxo and Lotto Arena. In Lotto Arena that accounts for 50% of the entire daily consumption, in Trixxo Arena for the full 100%.

A strict waste policy with a focus on the circular economy is also being worked on and be•at is working together with the Belgian festivals to draw up a plan for the sector. Also much attention is also being paid to water efficiency and water recuperation.

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