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La Paulée: An influential gastronomic rendez-vous

La Paulée: An influential gastronomic rendez-vous
Credit: Constance Hotels

This May 2022, oenophiles, sommeliers and wine lovers will have the pleasure of attending the 5th edition of the event “La Paulée” hosted by Constance Hotels & Resorts.

This unique Wine Experience is taking place from 16th-21th of May 2022.

What is “La Paulée”?

La Paulée by Constance is a vibrant homage to La Paulée de Meursault, traditional event celebrating the end of the harvest in Burgundy. It aims to create an oenological experience for our guests and helps our sommeliers in enriching their expertise and progress towards further excellence.

This annual meeting has become a real reference point for wine lovers. La Paulée by Constance Hotels & Resorts brings together well-known personalities from the wine world to lead workshops and carry out practical training for our sommeliers.

Sharing and Connoisseurs

Against the spectacular backdrop of Constance Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage hotels, many passionate connoisseurs have happily shared their knowledge.

As in previous years, the oenological & gastronomic week of La Paulée will welcome renowned winemakers from France: Julie & Xavier Gonet Medeville (Champagne & Bordeaux), Romain Guiberteau (Saumur Loire Valley) , Marie Perret (Northern Rhone Valley) and Nicolas Rossignol (Burgundy).

Credit: Constance Hotels

Communication, exchange and sharing will be at the centre of this great encounter and it is a real opportunity for Constance’s sommeliers who will take advantage of these very useful and informative ‘training sessions’. Chefs from Constance will also prepare a number of pairing dinners featuring the great wines.

Dinner Schedule:

- Monday 16th of May: Domaine Gonet-Médeville at Archipel Restaurant (Constance Prince Maurice)

- Tuesday 17th of May: Domaine Guiberteau at Indigo Restaurant (Constance Belle Mare Plage)

- Thursday 19th of May: Domaine André Perret at Barachois Restaurant (Constance Prince Maurice)

- Friday 20th of May: Domaine Nicolas Rossignol at Blue Penny Cellar (Constance Belle Mare Plage)

- Saturday 21st of May: Night of La Paulée at Archipel Restaurant (Constance Prince Maurice)

On Friday there is also the competition of “Best Sommelier of La Paulée” which will take place in the Deer Hunter restaurant (Constance Belle Mare Plage).

The finale of this epicurean week will be a delicious gourmet feast orchestrated by the Swedish Chef Mikael Svensson (one-star Michelin Star chef - Kontrast Restaurant Oslo) who will be sure to charm the taste buds of all the guests.

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