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  • September 1 - Green Deal D-Day

    EU lawmakers and governments have now brokered their negotiating positions on a lot of the main Green Deal updates. That means that talks between them and the Commission can now start. The bulk of this work will start in September.

  • September 9 - Finance ministers meet

    Finance ministers meeting, agenda here.

  • October 3 - Eurogroup meeting

    Eurogroup meeting agenda here.

  • October 6 - EU Presidency summit.

    Czech EU presidency Council summit.

  • October 11 - Energy chiefs meet

    Energy ministers meet for an informal summit. Preparing for the winter heating season will likely be the main item on the agenda.

  • October 18 - Commission to-do list

    EU Commission publishes its work programme for 2023.

  • October 18 - Agri meet

    EU farm ministers meet for a two-day agricultural summit. Details here.

  • October 20 - EUCO comes back

    Full EUCO summit. Meeting page here.

  • October 26 - Zero pollution

    Commission publishes its zero pollution package of rules and regulations. 

  • November 30 - Recycle, reuse, recycle again

    European Commission publishes its updated circular economy package.

  • December 1 - EU-US TTC

    The next round of the EU-US trade and technology council is scheduled for December.

  • December 31 - Czech out time

    Czechia hands over the reins of the EU presidency to Sweden.

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