Hidden Belgium: A space for contemporary art

Hidden Belgium: A space for contemporary art

Named after its address (Zuivelmarkt 33), art space Z33 in Hasselt exhibits works by international designers and artists in a modernist exhibition hall dating from 1958.

Temporary exhibitions make creative use of the building’s vast empty spaces, but art is also displayed in the nearby Begijnhof houses, in the streets of Hasselt and out in the countryside between Hasselt and Genk.

A new exhibition space opened in 2020. Designed by Italian architect Francesca Torzo, it is designed to evoke the mood of a mediaeval town with little squares, alleys and a fountain.

The building won the Italian Architecture Prize in 2020 and caught the eye of The Guardian architecture critic Rowan Moore, who listed it as one of the five best buildings of 2020. “A work of pleasure and beauty,” he called it.

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