Hidden Belgium: The longest tram journey in the world

Hidden Belgium: The longest tram journey in the world

It’s the longest tram journey in the world. You can step on in Knokke, close to the Dutch border, and ride the tram all the way to De Panne, not far from the French frontier.

The route runs for 65 kilometres along the Belgian coast, passing through each of the resorts along the way, from pretty De Haan to cosmopolitan Ostend.

You can, if you want, cover the entire route from De Panne to Knokke in a couple of hours, but it is more fun to get off at different stops along the way.

Explore the fish shops in Nieuwpoort, drink a coffee in Ostend’s Hotel Du Parc, and walk out to the end of the wooden jetty in Blankenberge.

The best part of the ride is the stretch that runs along the sea just west of Ostend.

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