Ice cream parlour for dogs opens outside Antwerp

Ice cream parlour for dogs opens outside Antwerp
A dog eating ice cream. Credit: Christian Bowen at Unsplash

Ice cream can be a delicious way to cool down after Belgium's heatwave in May. Now, dogs can get some of the action as well, after an ice cream parlour for dogs opened in the Flemish town Kapellen, just outside Antwerp, reports Gazet van Antwerpen.

"The doggy ice cream is 100% vegetarian and free from gluten and grains," said owner Nathalie De Coster who opened the ice cream parlour, Jerart, this week.

"The dog-leg shaped ice creams are on a stick, which is edible," De Coster added. "The idea to also sell doggy ice cream came during a walk in the park. We have two adopted dogs, Lena and Max, and they never turn down ice cream."

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The cold treats have so far been a big hit with people's four-legged friends.

Career change

Nathalie Coster didn't always own an ice cream parlour for dogs. She was previously a flight attendant at TUI, where she also met her husband.

"Working in the aviation sector as a couple made it difficult to combine family life. Our sons Jerome and Arthur. The name of the ice cream parlour is made up of the first letters of our children's names," explained De Coster.

She had longed to one day be self-employed and once the family made the move to Kapellen to be closer to her parents, she took the leap and started her own business.

Most customers come for the range of flavours in the home-made ice cream. "It is quite labour-intense to get the varied offerings ready every day," said De Coster.

"But when I fill the counter with different flavours and take a look around the ice cream parlour, the tiredness disappears. The whole interior and everything is my dad's work and I'm proud of that."

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