Hidden Belgium: Cycle in the trees

Hidden Belgium: Cycle in the trees

Limburg province is one of the most bike-friendly regions in Europe.

Some years ago, it launched the knooppunten system of numbered cycle trails that has now spread to other regions of Belgium and the Netherlands. More recently, the province decided to raise its profile further by creating unique cycling experiences.

After the success of its first project – Cycling in the Water – the province came up with Cycling in the Trees (Fietsen door de bomen) in 2019.

Deep in the pine woods of Bosland nature reserve, cyclists can ride up a gently sloping circular ramp to reach the tree tops, ten metres above the ground.

Designed by architects De Gregorio & Partners, the stunning structure is supported on rugged rust-red steel stilts that merge seamlessly with the lofty pine trunks.

Once you have circled the trees, you can set off through the Bosland woods on a series of numbered routes, and end up in the bike-friendly café De Lage Kempen.

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