Roméo Elvis returns to sexual assault case in new album

Roméo Elvis returns to sexual assault case in new album
Roméo Elvis. Credit: Belga

Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis drops his first album 'Everything can happen' since sexual assault accusations were levelled at him two years ago. While he refutes the idea of album-therapy, the new album doesn't shy away from the accusations.

Back in September 2020, a fan of Angèle’s brother accused him of sexual assault on social media.  The victim said she had been the victim of unwanted touching from him at a fitting room in a Brussels clothing store. The 23-year-old then posted screenshots on social media of her private messages with the then 27-year-rapper, in which he apologised.

"I want to apologize once again for what happened, it was rubbish. I am really ashamed," read the messages from Elvis. The rapper took to his own Instagram account to own up to his actions. "I became aware of having used my hands inappropriately on someone, believing that I was responding to an invitation that was not one, and stopping myself in the moments that followed as soon as I understood."

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"I sincerely regret this gesture and above all, I publicly reiterate the apologies already expressed many times in private and in person," continued the brother of the pop singer Angèle.

The incident at the time caused a media uproar for Angèle, who is an outspoken feminist. With her song 'Balance ton quoi', she invoked the French #Metoo movement 'Balance ton porc' and was accused of hypocrisy due to her brother's actions.

A new beginning

Fast forward, Elvis' new album 'Anything can happen' does not revolve exclusively around this topic. However, biographical elements are clear such when he sings  'all the evil I do, it must serve me to change' in the song 'Maquette'.

"I'm not here to deliver a diary or a therapy album, my life is more complex than just a business," said the Belgian rapper in Le Soir. "I come back to this affair but also to other things in my album, (although) addressing (the incident) was necessary."

In addition, the rapper seems to have cleared up his circle of friends, described in the song '3 Cafés' with 'I sorted through the waste / I sorted through the old friends'.

But now, the almost thirty-year-old rapper doesn't want what happened then to be the main focus. "I'm clear about that, I apologized personally and publicly. Addressing the issue at the time was necessary and it was necessary to question ourselves and others. Now I'm ready to talk about music,"  Elvis stressed.


Roméo Elvis' career kicked off with the release of two EPs in 2013 and 2014 called 'Bruxelles, c'est devenu la jungle' and 'Famille nombreuse'. He subsequently released albums in 2016, 2017 and 2018, while his acclaimed album 'Chocolat' came out in 2019.  Artistically, he is linked to Belgian hop hop artists L'Or du Commun, duo Caballero & JeanJass, and French rapper Lomepal.

He is the brother of pop singer Angèle, known for songs such 'Tout Oublier' in which Romeo Elvis also features, 'Bruxelles, je t'aime' and 'Fever' together with pop superstar Dua Lipa.

Romeo Elvis is married to Lena Simmone, a French model and influencer.

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