Belgian royal coat of arms gets a 'modern' update

Belgian royal coat of arms gets a 'modern' update
The coat of arms not includes all three of Belgium's official languages. Credit: © Belga

A move to make the royal coat of arms more modern, announced this week by several media outlets, shows that King Philippe is not limited to traditions that are sometimes outdated and is living with the times," according to a Belgian historian.

The Royal Coat of Arms was amended two weeks ago by a Royal Decree, for the first time since 1910. The new version features Belgium's motto - which can be translated as 'strength in unity' - written in all three national languages.

Until now, only the French version of the national motto appeared on the coat of arms.

"This is entirely in line with what King Philippe said in his speech, namely that he wants to be the King of the whole Kingdom and of all Belgians," said Mark Van den Wijngaert, professor of contemporary history.

The shield representing the German state of Saxony, which was removed after the First World War, also returns to the coat of arms in reference to the origins of the royal family. "This withdrawal was understandable at the time," continues the historian. "But 100 years have passed and we have good relations with Germany. We sit with her in the European Union and NATO, among others."

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde now have the same coat of arms.

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