New 'Ms. Monopoly' game which sees women earn more than men coming to Belgium

New 'Ms. Monopoly' game which sees women earn more than men coming to Belgium
Credit: Youtube/Hasbro

A new version of Monopoly, unveiled on Tuesday, aims to celebrate women by giving them more money than men and replacing the traditional mascot with his niece, an investor.

Unlike her uncle, a top-hat wearing real estate tycoon eager for new properties, "Ms. Monopoly" aims to invest in women entrepreneurs and inventors: players will not buy houses or buildings but innovations created by women like WiFi or solar heating.

The rules also provide that women receive a little more money at the beginning of the game and every time they pass the "go" square.  Female players start with 1,900 Monopoly dollars, and earn 240 for passing go. Male players get 1,500 to start and  200 when they pass go.

It's "a fun new take on the game that creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men," the company said in a statement. "But don't worry, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too."

This compensates for the real-life wage gap: in the United States, for example, women who work full-time earn on average only 81% of men's wages, according to the US Department of Labor, Belga reports.

"Ms. Monopoly was created to inspire everyone, young and old, by highlighting women who have challenged the status quo," Hasbro said.

This version of the classic board game will be available in Belgium from mid-September.

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