Belgium in Brief: 350 weapons seized, STIB called out and Area 51

Belgium in Brief: 350 weapons seized, STIB called out and Area 51

How to handle the AI revolution, Brussels municipalities to cooperate to focus on cleanliness, and two Dutchmen arrested (almost) in Area 51.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Over 350 weapons seized in Belgium on Tuesday

More than 350 weapons were seized by police in a large operation in the regions of Mons and Charleroi as part of an operation aimed at dismantling an arms trafficking network run by a French gun-maker based in Belgium. Read more.

2. STIB called out following video of an incident between tram driver a cyclist

A video of a tram driving very close behind a cyclist in Brussels has been shared on Twitter with Brussels transport company STIB, questioning if the driver was behaving properly at that time. Read more.

3. Managing the Artificial Intelligence revolution

The artificial intelligence revolution is already underway. Industry players, engineers, historians and philosophers believe it may have as big of an impact as the industrial revolution had in the 19th century. Read more. 

4. Thalys to offer trains from Brussels to the French ski slopes

Train company Thalys will be offering tickets to French ski resorts from September 12 for trips between December 21, 2019 and April 11, 2020. Read more.

5. Brussels and Ixelles to further cooperate on mobility, cleanliness, education

Brussels and Ixelles officials will deepen their cooperation to offer improved public services for municipal residents, who they no longer wish to see “punished” by the administrations’ institutional cobwebs. Read more.

6. Brussels municipality to remove road-blocking flower pots after resident outcry

Huge flower pots placed on the road to block drivers from using a complex junction in Forest will be removed after authorities were faced with backlash from local residents and politicians. Read more.

7. Two Dutchmen arrested while trying to get into 'Area 51'

American police have announced that two Dutchmen were arrested on Tuesday trying to penetrate the heavily guarded Area 51 site in Nevada. Read more.

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