Inca Valley and Yazidi temple, among 25 sites selected for protection

Inca Valley and Yazidi temple, among 25 sites selected for protection
The Machu Picchu Inca ruins at the Sacred Valley. 

The World Monuments Fund published on Tuesday its bi-annual list of 25 sites selected for protection.

The sacred Inca valley in Peru, threatened by plans to construct an airport in the valley, and the reconstruction of a Yazidi shrine, are some of the sites included in the list.

Published every two years by the New York-based NGO, the list focuses on the protection of extremely diverse locations around the world.

So far, the NGO has contributed about $110 million to renovate and maintain more than 800 sites.

This year, the list pays particular attention to the rights of the indigenous communities to themselves be in control and manage their historical patrimony.

In addition to the sacred Inca Valley and Yazidi temple, the list includes the national park of Rapa Nui in Chile, the famous statues in Easter island and the Bears Ears in Utah, the United States.

Bears Ears is one of the oldest archaeological sites, where tools by the Clovis people have been found. The Clovis are considered to be the ancestors to the indigenous cultures of America.

Non-religious sites have also been earmarked for funding by the NGO.

They include amongst others, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Koutammakou in northern Togo, known for its houses with turrets of dried mud, and the former water distribution system of Deccan Plateau, India.

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