The Recap: Squirrel Crossings, Colour Codes & K2

The Recap: Squirrel Crossings, Colour Codes & K2
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Half of France turns red, Italy almost fully orange on European travel map: Europe is turning less and less green with each update to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)’s travel map, as almost all of Italy has turned orange on Thursday.

‘Not a travel agency’: test centres see aggression rise due to many travel tests: Testing centres in Flanders have been dealing with aggression a lot more than usual in recent weeks due to the many tests that travellers sometimes have to undergo, according to the association of general practitioners Domus Medica.

Belgium to directly reimburse psychologist visits: From 1 September, a visit to a psychologist or remedial educationalist will be directly reimbursed by health insurance, as part of the country’s ‘mental health master plan.’

‘Neutral zone’ now also closed for hunger strikers: The ‘neutral zone’ established as a compromise to the hunger strikers in Brussels has now been closed, asylum minister Sammy Mahdi (CD&V) has confirmed.

Body of one of last two people missing following floods in Belgium has been found: The body of one of the last two people missing as a result of the floods in Belgium on 14 and 15 July has been found, leaving just one woman missing.

Uccle to install three bridges for safer squirrel crossings: The municipality of Uccle in the Brussels region is to build three road bridges intended to allow squirrels (and other animals) to cross busy roads safely.

Dutch-language summer camp gives Brussels children a leg up during the holidays: The Education Centre Brussels (OCB) of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) is celebrating the success of its 16th Talentboost, a summer camp for non-Dutch speaking newcomers and children with a different home language.

First Belgian (35) reaches top of K2 mountain without supplementary oxygen: On Wednesday, Niels Jespers (35) became the first Belgian to reach the peak of the second-highest mountain on Earth, K2, without using supplementary oxygen.

Coronavirus mortality rate in French-speaking hospitals 10% higher than in Flanders: Clear regional differences have been found in the mortality rates of coronavirus patients who were hospitalised or in intensive care units in Belgium, as this figure is higher in the French-speaking areas than in Flanders.

European Robotic Arm launched into space reaches the ISS: The European Robotic Arm (ERA) that was launched into space eight days ago reached the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday, at approximately 3:29 PM CEST.

Dutch anti-vaxxer sues Marc Van Ranst for slander and defamation: Prominent Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst has been sued for slander and defamation by the well-known Dutch anti-vaxxer Willem Engel, who has been highly critical of the coronavirus policy in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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