Belgium in Brief: New month, new rules

Belgium in Brief: New month, new rules
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As is traditional in Belgium, a number of changes take effect on the first day of a new month.

Those who had not realised that it is June already will soon notice it when paying their phone bills, as mobile carriers Orange and Telenet are both raising their prices this month.

However, there is also good money news, because after several months of struggles, Ukrainian refugees will now be able to exchange their Hryvnia banknotes for Euros in Belgium.

Belgium is only the second EU Member State to offer this service, which allows Ukrainian refugees to freely exchange their national banknotes.

Another big change is the newly reformed law on sex crimes, which puts consent central and aims to better protect victims while punishing perpetrators more severely.

The maximum sentence for someone who has been found guilty of rape has been doubled from five to ten years, while those who drug their victims can get up to 15 years in prison. As only the second country in the world, Belgium is also officially decriminalising sex work.

In addition to those, changes to civil servants’ salaries, guarantees for customers and several others are also coming into force today.

Are there any big changes you are making this month? Let @Maajtee know.

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