Belgium in Brief: Claiming your cancelled flight compensation

Belgium in Brief: Claiming your cancelled flight compensation
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Have you ever tried getting compensation for a cancelled Ryanair flight and just given up because you could not manage?

You are certainly not alone.

The good news, however, is that @LaurenWalkerH took the time to figure out what to do to make sure you do get compensated – in light of the many strikes in recent months.

On the airline's website, there is a glitch in the claims process, which is leading many people to give up on trying to get the money they are owed – a sum of €250, €400 or €600, depending on the distance of the flight, to cover unexpected costs the traveller had to make, such as overnight stays and any other cancellation costs.

Consumer rights organisation Test Achats described the glitch in the system as a "classic problem" with Ryanair. "At the third step in the process, there is no possibility to select a flight, only the passenger name."

While the organisation has already brought this up with the airline in the past, the error has yet to be fixed. Additionally, the email sent to passengers announcing the flight cancellation lacks clear communication regarding the extra compensation they are entitled to.

"Many people do not know about the extra compensation, and Ryanair is not very clear about the fact that it exists," said Test-Achats. "No airline is going to offer you that extra compensation on a plate. But more often than not, it is Ryanair’s customers who fail to apply for compensation."

Here is an in-depth explanation of how to claim your compensation if your Ryanair flight was delayed or cancelled during one of the strikes.

Did you get your money back? Let @Maajtee know.

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