Belgium in Brief: Slowing down in the city

Belgium in Brief: Slowing down in the city
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With the city in full bloom and under clear skies, now is the season to get out and enjoy the streets on foot or by bike. In such clement conditions, the morning commute can be a thoroughly pleasant prelude to work. Why sit in traffic when you can roll freely on two wheels?

In Brussels, there is no shortage of alternative transport modes to render cars unnecessary. And the city authorities have more plans to reduce the presence of fossil-fulled vehicles in the centre. Better than birthdays or Christmas, Car Free Sunday is my favourite day of the year as residents reclaim the streets and discover the thrill of wandering through an uncongested city.

For one day each year, we are granted a snapshot of how our urban environment could be transformed and you can't help wondering what it would be like if the change was for good. Brussels has already taken major steps to become more pedestrian friendly, but improvements could still be made.

Though we may not be ready to do away with cars completely, limiting their supremacy would be to the general benefit of those living in or visiting the city. Which makes the decision to lower speed limits to 20 kph in Hasselt (Flanders) an interesting case study. Alongside the reductions to noise and pollution that the change will bring, city planners say that at lower speeds drivers are far more aware of their surroundings.

What if Brussels followed suit? The city has already seen the advantages of lowering the general limit to 30 kph, why not go one step further?

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1. Flemish city reduces speed limit to 20 km/h, an option for Brussels?

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