Belgium's governments meet to discuss rising coronavirus cases

Belgium's governments meet to discuss rising coronavirus cases
Credit: Belga/T. Roge

Belgium's Consultative Committee of the various governments, assisted by experts, is meeting again to discuss the rising coronavirus infections.

One of the items on the Committee's agenda is contact tracing, which has received a lot of criticism in the past days and weeks.

The Committee is made up of ministers of the federal government as well as of the country’s communities and regions, and ensures cooperation between the different government levels. Whether or not new measures will be announced after the meeting is not clear.

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The "local approach" to coronavirus infections will also be discussed, as measures that state what cities and municipalities can do in the event of a local outbreak will be approved.

A possible tightening of the general measures will also be discussed, according to VRT. However, it is not yet clear what this could possibly entail, and if or when a decision could be taken.

This Consultation Committee will prepare for the National Security Council to take place on Thursday, after the outcome of last week's meeting was to wait another week to see how the figures would evolve.

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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