Brussels records warmest 31 July since 1943

Brussels records warmest 31 July since 1943
Credit: Belga

A temperature of 32.4 measured today in Uccle, Brussels, makes it the warmest 31 July since 1943, when it was 31.7 degrees, weatherman David Dehenauw says on Twitter.

Weather service NoodweerBenelux (‘Severe Weather Benelux’) even mentioned a high of 37 degrees at the border between Belgium and France.

Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) has announced a code orange for the whole of Flanders, as well as Walloon Brabant and Hainaut, while the coast and the Ardennes have been given code yellow.

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“Drink regularly, dress lighter, spend the day in cooler areas, monitor your state of health regularly, eat easily digestible food (and in smaller portions) and keep doors and windows closed to keep out the heat,” the RMI wrote on its website.

At first, the RMI had given the whole country a code yellow for Friday, with only Hainaut turning orange.

The orange alert means that the RMI’s recommendations must be followed, as opposed to increased vigilance being required.

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