Walloon town issues €100 corona-cheques to citizens

Walloon town issues €100 corona-cheques to citizens
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Authorities in the Walloon town of Wanze are issuing €100 bonuses to residents who have been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Residents will be able to claim the bonus in the form of ten cheques worth €10 until the end of the month of August, with the cheques valid through September 2020.

City authorities unblocked a sum of €150,000 to deliver the checks to individual citizens who suffered loss of revenue due to the pandemic.

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The move is part of Wanze's Solidarity Plan for Economic Redeployment, a €650,000 relief packaged aimed at helping local businesses and residents get back on their feet after the coronavirus crisis.

Residents are eligible to apply for the cheques if they can provide proof of having suffered a revenue for at least 15 consecutive days between the period going from 16 Mars to 31 May, 2020, when Belgium was put under a nationwide lockdown.

The cheques will be usable in local businesses, in a bid by officials to provide a boost to local businesses struggling to get back to their feet after the lockdown.

The boost to citizens by Wanze, led by the Parti Socialiste's Christophe Lacroix, comes amid a wave of relief measures aimed at helping large industries, such as the aviation sector, bounce back from a lull in demand.

Other relief schemes or bonuses have been rolled out at the national, regional, language-community or local level, with a majority focusing on SMEs or independent business owners in hard-hit sectors, such restaurants, bars or hotels or the arts and culture sector.

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