Coronavirus: Police issue 165 curfew tickets per day

Coronavirus: Police issue 165 curfew tickets per day
Credit: Belga

Law enforcers have been issuing curfew violators an average of about 165 tickets per day for unauthorised movement, La Dernière Heure reported on Saturday, quoting federal police figures.

From 19 October, when the curfew was introduced, to the end of December, 7,491 such tickets were issued. These include 1,630 in the first week of the curfew and 1,118 in the second week. The weekly count later dropped to about 900, according to a police spokesperson.

"This is much lower than during the first lockdown because the limitations applied around the clock,” she said.

According to the Office of Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, 173,000 tickets have been issued since March, covering offences such as non-essential travel, failing to observe social distancing, not wearing masks and selling alcohol.

Curfew violations earn the individual offender a 250-euro ticket, while the fine for shops, stores and hospitality establishments is 750 euros, La Dernière Heure noted.

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