Vlaams Belang votes against EU resolution opposing Hungary's anti-LGBTIQ+ law

Vlaams Belang votes against EU resolution opposing Hungary's anti-LGBTIQ+ law
Credit: Stavrialena Gontzou (Unsplash)

On Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution opposing the Hungarian anti-LGBTIQ+ law, which MEPs called "a serious violation of European fundamental rights".

The resolution was approved by a large majority, however, 147 MEPs voted against it, including three ministers from the far-right Vlaams Belang party, according to reports from De Standaard. 

"The parliament stresses this is not an isolated incident, but rather constitutes another intentional and premeditated example of the gradual dismantling of fundamental rights in Hungary," a European Parliament press release read.

MEPs argued that in Hungary, state-sponsored LGBTIQ-phobia and disinformation campaigns have become tools for political censorship, adding that these "human rights violations are part of a broader political agenda to break down democracy and the rule of law".

The law, which came into force on Thursday, includes amendments to the country’s Constitution that prohibits sharing content with minors that’s seen as promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment.

The "ban on LGBTIQ+ promotion”, presented under the guise of combatting paedophilia, extends to any space where minors could be present and is therefore seen as an effective ban on LGBTIQ+ people existing in public.

The amendments, voted through on 15 June, include the declaration that “the mother is a female and the father is a male”, and a de facto ban of legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex persons.

Calls for urgent action

The Parliament's resolution calls on the European Commission to fast-track infringement proceedings against Hungary and that, if necessary, it should implement interim measures and penalties if the country does not comply with the European Court of Justice's decision.

Meanwhile, MEPs stressed their unwavering commitment to defend children’s rights, declaring that tolerance, acceptance, and diversity should serve as guiding principles to ensure the best interests of the child are respected.

MEPs also called on the European Council and Commission to follow up on Parliament’s initiative on the establishment of a permanent EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Previously, 14 EU member states backed a joint statement condemning the LGBTQ+ legislation and called on the Commission to enforce EU-wide respect of the bloc's laws, whilst 16 European leaders called on European leaders to continue the fight against the discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community.

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