Antwerp Police dog Bo dies unexpectedly

Antwerp Police dog Bo dies unexpectedly
Photo from Antwerp Police.

Bo, a drug dog for Antwerp Police, died unexpectedly last week at the age of nine. The cause of her sudden death is unknown.

Bo and her brother Racko were veterans among the drug dogs in Antwerp.

“The drug dogs are of inestimable value in the fight against drug trafficking and the nuisance that comes with it,” said Mayor Bart de Wever.

“Bo has a strong share in the amounts of narcotics discovered by the police in our city. I am saddened by Bo's passing and wish to express my condolences to her dog handler. Bo deserves every respect for the commitment she made to and in our city.”

Bo conducted just under 100 searches in 2020 alone and participated in around 60 planned actions. She also searched around 50 vehicles a year.

In 2016, the Mayor decorated Bo and her brother Racko both in the city hall, in honour of their achievements.

“The whole force sympathises with the entire dog team and with her handler in particular,” reads a statement from Antwerp police.

“Everyone is grateful to Bo for her hard work in the fight against drug crime.”

Bo was one of the four drug dogs in the dog team of Police Zone Antwerp, along with Racko, Dio and Jeppe.

Antwerp police had already started working on the succession of Bo and Racko this year, as both dogs reached their retirement age.

At the end of September 2020, they hired Dio, and Jeppe will have completed his intensive training in autumn of 2021.

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