Rainy weekend with chance of storms expected in Belgium

Rainy weekend with chance of storms expected in Belgium
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The weather in Belgium is expected to range from rainy to stormy this weekend and into the coming week, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

For Saturday afternoon, evening and part of the night, the IRM predicts downpours, sometimes accompanied by hail, and storms. In some areas, the storms will be intense and heavy rainfall is expected, which could be dangerous in regions heavily affected by the last week's floods.

Some localised storms will cause 30 l/m2 of rain or more to fall in less than an hour. The wind will be generally slight to moderate, but quite strong in given areas, blowing in varied directions, however, maximum temperatures are expected to range between 20 and 28 degrees.

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The risk of downpours will diminish sharply on Saturday as the night wears on. The skies will become clearer for a while, but this will be followed by low-lying cloud banks developing, which could turn into fog banks in some regions. Low temperatures will range between 10 and 17 degrees.

The west and areas close to France could experience new downpours at dawn on Sunday. During the day, the risk of downpours, some of them heavy and developing into storms, will be widespread.

However, compared to the previous day, the storms will be milder, but they will still be capable of producing about 10 mm of rain within a short space of time and even up to 20 mm in some areas.

Highs will be between 18 and 24 degrees, with a slight to moderate wind, blowing first from the south and, towards the end of the day, from varying directions.

The chances of rainfall will diminish gradually during the night from Sunday to Monday. However, a few new thunderstorms may occur at sea, then spread rapidly over the west of the country.

Early next week, more downpours and thunderstorms are expected, although the nights will be calmer.

The forecast for Thursday and Friday includes some rainfall, but it will be less frequent than the previous days’ rains, and not as heavy, whilst maximum temperatures in the low twenties are expected.

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