Food Safety Agency issues warning over doctored champagne

Food Safety Agency issues warning over doctored champagne

The federal food safety agency has issued a warning after champagne was found on open sale which which had been doctored with the drug MDMA, Belga reports.

The case is the second such instance of product adulteration of champagne this year, after customers of the Moet & Chandon brand were affected in Germany and the Netherlands in February.

The product affected is Moet & Chandon in a three-litre bottle with lot numbers between between LAJ7QAB6780004 and LAK5SAA6490005. Until now, no cases in Belgium of adulterated product have arisen, and the food agency has issued a warning as a precaution.

“The federal food safety agency is following the situation closely, and is in close contact with the authorities and federations concerned,” the agency said in a statement. “The agency has asked consumers who have purchased this product to be extremely careful, and absolutely not to consumer it.”

The agency is at present unable to say how the adulteration came to take place and for the time being it cannot be excluded that other bottles have been subjected to similar treatment, the statement went on.

As an indication, the agency points out that the affected champagne is flat in character, with a reddish-brown colour and an unpleasant aniseed odour.

“Even tasting this liquid can lead to serious health dangers,” the agency said. “Call the poisons centre immediately (070 245 245; free 24/24) if you have swallowed any of the liquid, and contact the agency’s consumer reporting number.”

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