2-star Walloon chef moves to Brussels

2-star Walloon chef moves to Brussels

Sang-Hoon Degeimbre, who runs L'air du temps, in Liernu (Namur province), has taken over a small house in Brussels Rue de Flandre. The chef with 2 stars aims to use this limited space to launch a new concept exuding simplicity. The table at SAN will be set with just one piece of cutlery, a spoon, and one recipient, a bowl. The restaurant draws its inspiration from the chef's roots, and glorifies this utensil, essential in traditional Korean cuisine.

What is served in the bowl will be a culinary round-the-world trip. "The food is international and influenced by my travels," commented Mr. Degeimbre on Monday, whilst highlighting how cosmopolitan the Belgian capital is. "Each bowl will offer a different texture and be named after a different city or region. We consider the Liernu dish composed of seasonal vegetables, for example, to be our signature dish," he added.

The menu will offer 7 different bowls including a vegetarian one, and 2 sweet options. Customers can have 2 (30 euros), 3, or 4 bowls at lunchtime, whereas the evening meal can include up to 5 bowls (65 euros) throughout the evening.

A choice of organic wines will be offered as well as a limited selection of home-brewed beers from the area surrounding Liernu. However the menu is soon to include local Brussels ales, insisted Mr. Degeimbre.

Both food menu and wine list will be updated every month.

The restaurant is spread over 2 floors, with the upper level able to accommodate approximately 30 guests and the ground floor bar seating 10 with a view into the kitchen. Sang-Hoon Degeimbre will hand over the cooking responsibility to Toshiro Fujii who has been his assistant at L'air du Temps for 6 years.

Staff will be streamlined as well as utensils, with only 2 cooks and 2 waiters.

The SAN will be open to the public as of October 5th, 2015.

(Source: Belga)

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