Undocumented migrants set up camp at Porte de Ninove in Molenbeek

Undocumented migrants camping Quai de Willebroeck up to Monday evening have now moved on. The camp was set up again on Tuesday, on Rue du Rectangle near Porte de Ninove in the town of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean bordering Brussels, revealed Victor Gamarra, spokesperson for the crisis unit, on the same day.

A Brussels-Ixelles police spokesperson confirms that Monday evening’s evacuation took place after long talks and with no direct police intervention. The camp is made up of 27 tents sheltering approximately 85 people, most of whom are long-term undocumented migrants. There are also approximately 10 Iraqis who have not been given refugee status by the Immigration Office.

Victor Gamarra regrets that the Civic Platform in support of refugees is not helping these undocumented migrants. The soup kitchen has had to relocate over various sites since its removal from Parc Maximilien, including at Restos du Cœur. Enclosed premises are sought in order to re-establish a more permanent kitchen. 

(Source: Belga)

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