Asylum seekers - 55% of Belgians think there are too many asylum seekers

Belgium is accepting too many asylum requests, according to the majority of the country’s inhabitants. This was revealed by an Ipsos poll for Le Soir and RTL-TVI. 74% of those asked also said they were in agreement with checks at the borders.

The poll reveals that 55% of Belgians think the country is taking in too many asylum seekers. This is the case for 53% of Flemish people and 49% of Brussels residents. This point of view is particularly evident in Wallonia, where 60% of people asked thought Belgium is going too far with accepting people.

This apparent unwillingness in Wallonia is partly explained by the fact that residents in the South of the country have the wrong idea about the presence of foreigners. The vast majority of Walloons think that they represent 27% of the population, which is double the real number.

This poll was done between the 28th of September and the 4th of October. It involved 2,571 people. They formed samples representative of Belgians aged 18 and over. 1,017 were from Wallonia, 1,030 from Flanders, and 524 were from the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capitale region. The maximum error margin, for a 50% percentage and a 95% confidence rate, is +/- 3.1 in Wallonia, +/- 3.1 in Flanders and +/- 4.3 in Brussels.

(Source: Belga)

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