Real estate transactions increase by 12.7% in Q3

According to an official estimate by solicitors published on Tuesday, real estate transactions rose sharply by 12.7% throughout Belgium in the 3rd quarter this year, compared to the same quarter last year. The hike reached 14.5% in Wallonia, 11.8% in Flanders and 12.7% in Brussels, adds the Federation of Belgian Solicitors.

According to the federation, the average price of a house in Belgium was 239,763 euros, a 1.4% increase on figures from Q2 2015. The average price of a flat rose by 1.5%, from 204,751 to 207,793 euros.

“Average house prices are on the rise in all three regions, increasing from 179,186 euros to 181,750 euros in Wallonia, from 260,862 euros to 262,586 euros in Flanders and from 437,643 euros to 449,958 euros in Brussels,” explains the federation. The average cost of a flat went from 209,748 to 212,999 euros in Flanders and from 222,605 to 227,828 euros in the capital. “In Wallonia, after prices rose sharply in Q2, average prices went back on par with those from Q1 with an average of 152,589 euros,” added the federation.

(Source: Belga)

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