Crowd-funding for “different” Schaerbeek supermarket reaches target

The cooperative supermarket to be developed in Schaerbeek reached its financial target of 18,000 Euros in just 3 weeks, thanks to the crowd-funding platform KissKissBankBank, reveals a BEES Coop Supermarket press release. Some 350 people supported the project.

The supermarket aims to offer affordable and healthy products that respect human and natural environments. For its prices to stay competitive whilst maintaining a fair income for producers, customers will pledge to invest in the cooperative and to work there 3 hours a week.

Of the 250 people who contributed financially, many are from Schaerbeek, but also from Namur , Leuven , France , and Italy , explained Quentin Crespel, the project coordinator, according to the press release. “As well as financial support from Thalys and Crédal, we received offers of logistical support from Adhoka, Le Soir, and Médor.”

The project probably needs a total of 280,000 Euros to get started. The next step is to find 2,000 families to offer seed money. A similar project was launched 30 years ago in New York and is thriving with 16,000 members.

(Source: Belga)

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