A Ghent business develops a system to avoid blind spot accidents

A Ghent business develops a system to avoid blind spot accidents

Ghent business Skymotion Solutions and entrepreneur Denys nv want to equip cycle lanes with light sensors, so lorries that want to turn know a bike is coming. The company has launched a crowdfunding operation to raise 50,000 euros for a pilot project in the Flemish commune of Nazareth (Ghent). This operation is supported by the Belgian Road Security Institute (BRSI).

There are more than 50 blind spot accidents between Lorries and bikes in Belgium every year, which causes five to ten deaths. This is why the company Skymotion Solutions and Denys have developed the bike detection system “iCycleSafe”. “The concept is as simple as it is efficient”, says Mohammed Taslidere, from Skymotions Solutions. “It’s a sensor that detects bikes on a cycle lane. A sign lights up, which tells Lorries wanting to turn that a bike is coming”.

Sahin Monserez, from Denys, adds that the sensors do not bother cyclists, are extremely precise, and last a long time. “Even if we only save one life, the project will have been a success”.

If the 50,000 euros needed is raised, “iCycleSafe” will be installed on a roundabout in Nazareth. The BRSI has developed a test to evaluate the system. “iCycleSafe is a very interesting initiative, especially as it’s a technical adjustment directly to the road, and not to the vehicle”, says Lieven Beyl, from the Institute.

(Source: Belga)

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