Migrants struggle to find jobs

Migrants struggle to find jobs

An OECD report reveals that migrants find it difficult to enter the job market in Belgium, the employment rate for non-European migrants being more than 10% lower than that of Belgians. A lack of skills amongst this segment of the population is not the only explanation for the gap, says the daily L’Echo on Thursday.

“Even when taking skills into consideration, the gap is significantly higher in Belgium,” notes Cécile Thoreau, OECD analyst. The main reasons are hiring discrimination, as well as the way integration policies and support for job seekers are split between various institutions. For example, Belgian language communities are responsible for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, but administrative regions manage training and diversity. Foreigners end up being 3 times as likely to be poor than native-born Belgians.

(Source: Belga)

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