Travellers site a success - 75 caravans accommodated to date

Travellers site a success - 75 caravans accommodated to date

The site designated for travellers which was recently created at Lives-sur-Meuse (Namur)has accommodated seven groups with a total of 75 caravans, indicated the Department for Social Cohesion. “The town of Namur is delighted that the new zone has fulfilled its objectives and that its first season has been a good one for all - the town authorities, the travellers and the inhabitants,” commented alderwoman Stéphanie Scailquin.

The site’s first season opened on April 1st and ended on October 31st and the travellers who stayed there seem to have been satisfied with the facilities and practicality of the site, as well as with the contact with town authorities. Nine different activity sessions were also organised for the children on the site.

The initial objectives consisted of welcoming travellers, and their children in particular, in conditions conforming to standards of human dignity and Human Rights, and providing better installations for these populations so as to put an end to the informal settlements that kept springing up in the area.

Only three groups settled without permission. One complied to the request of the of town’s Travellers Advisory to leave the premises, another stayed for one night before leaving the land and a further group stayed for a week, despite this being unauthorised and requiring notice from the town to evict them. No complaints were made by the residents, according to the neighbourhood police officer who is aware of the new situation.

(Source: Belga)

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