King Baudoin Foundation in support of families affected by radicalisation

King Baudoin Foundation in support of families affected by radicalisation

The King Baudoin Foundation has shortlisted twelve projects in Brussels and Flanders, which aim to address the needs of families affected when one of their members is radicalised or leaves for Syria. It announced a total of 95,216 euros set aside for this financial support in a press release on Monday.

These projects involve group discussions for mothers, teaching tools, awareness-raising sessions, etc. They will take place in Molenbeek, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Vilvorde, Diegem-Machelen and Antwerp. The foundation is also organising three consecutive seminars dealing with the steps followed in a process of violent radicalisation. The third stage will take place at the BIP in Brussels at 4:30pm on Thursday, November 26th (barring cancellation), says the organisation.

The first two seminars revealed that “we are wrongly focussing on those who leave, and forgetting they are part of a network (family, neighbourhood, etc.). It is also within this network that we can find a way to deal with the issue,” explains the press release. When the radicalisation process is initiated, there is a stage when “the targeted youth is happy to talk about the new ideas he is imbibing; he is proud of them and keen to convince his family and friends. This is when parents need to have the right tools to stop him or her drifting away.”

The King Baudoin Foundation is collaborating with other groups at the European level to set up a forum to share practical advice in order to help European NGOs develop skills to fight radicalisation as early as 2016.

(Source: Belga)

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