Anti-radicalism lessons in Wallonia-Brussels prisons

Anti-radicalism lessons in Wallonia-Brussels prisons

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation will provide 26,000 euros to set up “anti-radicalism” and “citizenship building” training within prisons from January 1st. A ministerial decree with this goal has just appeared in the Moniteur (Belgian official journal), according to Sudpresse media on Wednesday.

400 inmates will be able to take lessons at Wallonia-Brussels’ the 19 prisons. Lessons will be taught by Further Education teachers.

“Remarkably, these lessons can be given in Further Education institutions as well as directly inside prisons,” points out Minister Isabelle Simonis. “We know who our target population is. It is clear and proven, that some minor offenders became radicalised in prison through their contact with other inmates. They are the ones we are aiming to reach first,” she adds.

(Source: Belga)

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